Saturday, 5 December 2015

Year 4 Camp at Omatua

 Activity groups get together for the first time on Camp Prep. Day
Group 5
 Group 2
 Group 3
 Group 2
 Group 6
 Group 4
 Campers before departure from school
Entrance to Camp Omatua
 Day 1's rotation activities begin ...
Scavenger hunt
 Fire building
 River safety

 Boat building

 Scavenger hunt
 River study

 Bivouac building

 River study
 River safety

 Fire building and boat building 

 Searching for bivi materials

 Scavenger hunters
 Relaxing by the river 
 Boat building
 Testing the boat
 Boat alterations
 Boat test drive

 Bivi building
 River study 

 Boat test run
 Boat completed
 Boat building

 Chant prep.
 River walking 
 River study
 Fire building and chant prep.

 Boat building
 Scavenger hunt
 River study

 Boat building 
 Chant prep.
 River study
Testing the Titanic! 
 Bivi building
 Rehearsing group's chant
 Sorting scavenger hunt evidence
 River study!

 Boat test run
 Boat building 
 River crossing
 Bivi complete 
 River study 

 Group fire
 River safety

 Boat building
 Girls or boys cabin?

 Bivi testing - all in! 

 Swing bridge walk

 Weka camp site

 River fun at Weka

 Back at Omatua - tubing begins

 Bayly's cockabully

 Afternoon tea time
 Beautiful boats!

 Boat race upside down results
 Camp fire
 Our tubes
 Some of our stuff!
 Scavenger hunt evidence

 More river fun

 Group camp fires - marshmallow time

 Mucking around at camp

 Food prep!
 Some shade!
  Heaps of river fun! 

 Eel guts!

 Those tubes again
  Camp business
 Off to race the boats!

 Groups prepare for chant off

 Campers sing the school song

 More marshmallow roasting!

 Time for some camp reflections

 More food prep!
 Poetry sharing

 Lunch - Yum!

 Rest while you can!
 Here we go again!

 Another snack 
 Fill those drink bottles! 
 More bivi testing 





 A gathering of campers
 More fire lighting

 Going somewhere!

 Look out! 
  Number off?
 More cooking 
 BBQ time!
 Those tubes again!

Night eeling
 Washing the eels

 Smoked eel - Yum!
Teacher cleaning glasses
 Miss Leach visits 

 More chants 

 Casmpers sing Individuality

 Boys do the Haka 

 More reflections
  More snacks
 Last river swim! 

 End of camp prize giving 

 Time to leave
 What a fantastic camp!
Thank you campers for making it so much fun!

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  1. Wow year fours, what a great camp you had! Well done Mrs Anderson they are a very lucky bunch.